Heilung: new album and upcoming Europe tour

Since the release of their debut album “Ofnir” in 2015, the German-Danish-Norwegian collaboration around Kai Uwe Faust, Christopher Juul and Maria Franz has been gathering momentum. Their first performance at Castlefest 2017 was frenetically celebrated and immortalized in the form of a live recording. The year 2019 will be yet a new milestone for the band, with numerous live shows and a first tour through Europe (see dates below) as well as a new major release. This new album called “Futha” is expected to be released on June 28th via the label “Season of Mist”:

“Ofnir” was a very masculine album. To create it, HEILUNG took a big part of the lyrics from preserved rune inscriptions on weapons and armour. “Futha” is the counterpart, the balance point, the feminine side. Here, the lyrics originate from old Icelandic poetry, in which the holy women chant magic spells and offer their blessings. Hence, female voices are more prominent on “Futha”.
The word “Futha” is taken from an artefact, that is still controversially discussed. Big names in runology like Düwel and Heizmann can agree neither on the deciphering nor the meaning of the description.…The word is engraved in a gold bracteate from Skåne (SE), which was produced around 500-530 AD. It was discovered in 1831 and these medals or coins were divided into different categories by the Swedish archaeologist Oscar Montelius. The bracteate in question is a so-called C-bracteate named Schonen II-C (Schonen is the German Name of Skåne) with a horse and a face. The rune inscription is between the hind-legs of the horse. Interesting to mention here is the fact that the majority of full rune set inscriptions start with “futh”, which also is the first three letters in all runic alphabets. It is considered that our forefathers saw magic potential in engraving the full rune line, but there is also great significance in the beginnings. Science has no key for the meaning of only engraving the first couple of letters yet, but there is a surplus of theories. This brings us to a runic staff found in Bergen, which was given the rather unpoetic archaeological classification B011. It carries the inscription: “felleg er fuþ sin bylli Fuþorglbasm”, which means: “Lovely is the cunt, may the cock fill it up”. Also interesting is that the Högstena amulet, which we use in the song “Galgaldr”, has an alternative deciphering of the word “futh”, which in this context means “cunt”. All this leaves us with two hints: magic potential and the female genitalia. The great healing power of the female wild strength is evoked in “Futha”. Those who have been present at a birth or seen a lioness hunting, know the spirit. The spirit of the “wilde Weiber” (German), the wild wise women. “Futha” endeavours to connect to a time before the female was degraded to a birth-machine and carrier of eternal inherited guilt.
“Futha” was three years in the making and was finished for production and print at midwinter, the very darkest day of the solar year, the 21st in the 12th month at 21:00.

A glimpse of the upcoming album

Heilung has so far released two single releases of the album. The song “Norupo”:

and a song called “Othan”:

Upcoming shows and tour dates 2019

Date Band Country City Venue Link
Jun 21 Heilung Denmark Kopenhagen Copenhell Bandpage
Jun 29 Heilung Finland Helsinki Tuska Open Air Metal Festival Bandpage
Aug 9 Heilung Czechia Jaromer Brutal Assault Bandpage
Aug 17 Heilung Norway Borre Midgardsblot Bandpage
Sep 7 Heilung Germany Selb Festival Mediaval Bandpage
Okt 17 Heilung France Nancy 'L''Autre Canal Nancy' Bandpage
Okt 19 Heilung Germany Hameln Autumn Moon Bandpage
Okt 22 Heilung Poland Warsaw Palladium Bandpage
Okt 24 Heilung Germany Berlin Admiralspalast Bandpage
Okt 26 Heilung Germany Essen Colosseum Theater Bandpage
Okt 28 Heilung Germany Munich Circus Krone Bandpage
Okt 30 Heilung Czechia Prague Divadlo Hybernia Bandpage
Nov 1 Heilung Germany Halle Händel Halle Bandpage
Nov 3 Heilung Austria Vienna Globe Wien Bandpage
Nov 5 Heilung Switzerland Zürich Volkshaus Bandpage
Nov 7 Heilung Germany Kiel Kieler Schloss Bandpage
Nov 10 Heilung UK London Roundhouse Bandpage
Nov 14 Heilung Netherlands Utrecht Tivoli Vredenburg Bandpage
Nov 17 Heilung Belgium Brussels AB Bandpage
Dec 6 Heilung Ukraine Lviv Lviv State Circus Bandpage
Dec 8 Heilung Ukraine Kyiv Center of Culture and Arts NAU Bandpage