Heilung: first CD-release and upcoming shows

The danish-german Band Heilung centered around the tattoo artist Kai Uwe Faust is going to release its debut album Ofnir on CD. Nearly two years after its initial digital release the album will be shipped with an 116 pages strong art book. Delivery is expected to begin on May 10th.

Their live debut is set for August 5th at the Castlefest in Lisse (Zuid-Holland) while a second gig is planned for August 18th at the Midgardsblot Metalfestival in Borre (Vestfold).

Furthermore the band released their first music video of the Song „Krigsgaldr“ earlier this year:

Ofnir opens the gates to a mystic and archaic at times dark sonic world, that shows a great compassion for experimental instruments and compositions. At best comparable to the Norwegian band Wardruna of Einar „Kvitrafn“ Selvik Heilung takes the listener deep into the nordic Iron Age. The lyrics span a wide range of historic texts, notably from runic inscriptions performed sometimes in a kind of mantric style, at other times with primordial power. Apart from that the album also features poems, like the Song “Schlammschlacht” about the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, which is recited in a most vibrant manner. Altogether Heilung presented a very interesting debut album, that leaves the listener with an appetite for more.