A Map of the Saxon Wars

Map of Saxon Wars

The Saxon Wars were not only an extremely brutal, but also a rather complex chapter of North German history (more on this here). In order to keep an overview of the multitude of events, it is therefore necessary to have a map that clearly shows the many historical sites. So far, however, there is no detailed map with a satisfying level of detail available in the vastness of the Internet (as well as in academic literature). For this reason I created this map and published it under the Creative Commons license by-sa 4.0 for a free and unlimited exchange. The map was created with the open-source geographic information system QGIS using only free geodata sources (especially OSM data).

Here are the links to the map in full and reduced resolution in lossless PNG and slightly compressed JPG format:

PNG (big)      PNG (small)

JPG (big)      JPG (small)

If there is academic interest in using the map, I can also create a version of it that meets specific requirements of the author or publisher (contact information of the creator)!

Map of the Saxon Wars

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