Heilung: new album and upcoming Europe tour

Since the release of their debut album “Ofnir” in 2015, the German-Danish-Norwegian collaboration around Kai Uwe Faust, Christopher Juul and Maria Franz has been gathering momentum. Their first performance at Castlefest 2017 was frenetically celebrated and immortalized in the form of a live recording. The year 2019 will be yet a new milestone for the band, with numerous live shows and a first tour through Europe (see dates below) as well as a new major release.

Heilung: first CD-release and upcoming shows

The danish-german Band Heilung centered around the tattoo artist Kai Uwe Faust is going to release its debut album Ofnir on CD. Nearly two years after its initial digital release the album will be shipped with an 116 pages strong art book. Delivery is expected to begin on May 10th. Their live debut is set for August 5th at the Castlefest in Lisse (Zuid-Holland) while a second gig is planned for August 18th at the Midgardsblot Metalfestival in Borre (Vestfold).