The Pillar of the Nine Worlds

The city of Schleswig (Northern Germany) is home to a new heathen landmark. With its erection in August last year the “Pillar of the Nine World” is the latest extension to the mythological trail which leads through the Lollfuß quarter in the southwestern part of the city. The sculpture of four and a half meter was carved with a chainsaw from a massive oak trunk by Armin Lohmann. As a depiction of the world tree Yggdrasil it shows several references to the nine worlds, featuring for instance the wise Mímir and the three Norns. Even the squirrel Ratatoskr is not missing. The pillar is crowned by an impressive eagle, well known from Old Norse literature. Furthermore the sculpture is decorated with a runic inscription (written in the younger fuþark) inspired by a medieval find from the old town of Schleswig.

Henceforth the “Pillar of the Nine World” – situated in front of the Slesvighus – will mark the beginning of the Lollfuß mythological trail, which was initiated through the “Interessengemeinschaft Pro Lollfuß” under the conceptual management of Ralf Matthies. Besides the pillar the trail also features several junction boxes painted with mythological scenes by local graffiti artists as well as two wooden sculptures of Freya and Tyr. More stations on the trail are planned for the future.

Freja und Tyr | Foto:
Freya and Tyr (Foto:

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